The Gotei 13 is one of the strongest organizations in the world of Bleach. The Shinigami have brought justice and peace to the Soul Society and the rest of the spirit world created by Tite Kubo thanks to this organization and its rules. In the course of the various sagas and in the final, the organization changed its members again and again.

There were up to 27 characters who held the position of captain of a division of Gotei 13 during Bleach. But which are the strongest of them? Let's find out Top 5 captains of Gotei 13 to bring her back at the height of her strength.

in the Fifth place is Zaraki Kenpachiwho became a real power monster at the end of Bleach. He was previously unable to actually use his Zanpakuto, but with the unlocking of the Bankai, he has become a formidable warrior.

A top level is Hirako Shinji, former leader of the Vizard and new captain of the fifth division of Gotei 13 after the Aizen saga. On his side he has hollow powers that greatly increase his skills, but he also has a practically deadly shikai for any fighter. In addition, his bankai was not disclosed, adding an additional secret weapon to his arsenal.

In the top 3, on the lowest step of the podium, is the current commander of the organization, Shunsui Kyoraku. The Shinigami doesn't show much, there are two fights that it shines in, both in the finals of their respective sagas. The power of his reiatsu is immense, he is adept at dealing with kido and has a special zanpakuto with an extremely strong shikai and bankai, albeit with contraindications that should not be neglected.

in the in the second place we add Sosuke Aizen. a, former fifth division captain and man behind the machinations of the early Bleach sagas. Aizen is one of the most charismatic and strongest characters ever to appear in Tite Kubo's manga, with a devastating Shikai who has brought many opponents to their knees. The activation of Kyoka Suigetsu is in fact almost a confirmation of a sure win against most opponents, whether they are Hollow, Arrancar, Quincy or Shinigami.

Finally to the First place is Genryusai Yamamoto, first in command of Gotei 13, a position he held until his death. A ruthless old man with Shikai and Bankai who is inextricably linked with fire and whom his opponents never confronted directly, only through cunning. In fact, his strength is so great that both Aizen and Yhwach had to take advantage of other characters with very special abilities that were specially developed for him.

On the other hand, who do you think is the strongest commander of the plant? Rediscover the first steps in the story with the Bleach anime on Amazon Prime Video.

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