ONE PIECE 993: The fire festival reveals people’s feelings

The war is raging on Onigashima and Wano's narrative arc seems to have peaked. In the meantime, the festival of fire begins in the capital of flowers and the last chapter of ONE PIECE Let's discover the true feelings of the island's inhabitants subjected to Kaido.

The new pages of the manga lead us immediately to the capital of the island of Wano, where the population celebrates for this one day and the absence of orochi it allows them to express their real thoughts. Thanks to this little look at people, we learn and discover the true feelings of fear towards the emperor Oden Kozuki was not forgotten.

The latter, the previous Shogun, in recent flashbacks from ONE PIECE it turned out that he was a very charismatic character, who at the time wanted to open up the country's borders was stopped by Orochi who, with the help of Kaido, usurped his position as head of the nation and ushered in a new and dark era on the island of Wano, in which the population was exposed to ever increasing poverty.

Thanks to Refractory It takes place once a year Forget all your worries and feel free for a day, and it is on the occasion of this holiday that we learn from a few dialogues how some residents would like to imagine it Kozuki clan is back gathering warriors from all over the world and setting fire to Onigashima, the place where Kaido and Orochi are. Since the latter are not present, many are relieved that no one is killed by the usurper during the day.

What do you think of these new pages? While one wonders if ONE PIECE's Chapter 1000 will be released by the end of the year, fans of the work continue to closely follow its events. In this context, I would like to introduce you to our article on one of the latest theories from ONE PIECE.

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