Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2, Official: The new story arc begins in November

It is official, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission will return soon with a new story arc that begins with an unreleased special episode entitled "Run on the Battlefield! Dragon Ball Heroes!" coincides. Hence in November For the first time, two episodes of the anime will appear.

Below you can take a look at the first picture from the new saga which shows Jiren, Goku Ultra Instinct and a new transformation this will undoubtedly blow hundreds of thousands of fans away. Apparently it is very likely that we will see it first Vegetto Super Saiyan 4 Limit Break, a new fusion between Goku and Vegeta with incredible potential.

Episode 8 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2 showed all the strength of Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue, and apparently the new story arc will finally show which of the two transformations is the stronger. Of course, if Vegetto could use Limit Break it would automatically count as one of the most powerful transformations of all time.

The first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission 5 will debut on November 26th, while no date has yet been announced regarding the specific episode. In all cases, new information about the anime will be released during Jump Festa 2021, which is scheduled for December 19.

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