Wano's narrative arc has been with us for some time, but with the outbreak of war, the Straw Hat Pirates are on the verge of their decisive battle. Before the collision with Kaido, however, on one of the protagonists of ONE PIECE A new size was hung. Let's find out who it is.

The Straw Hat crew joined over five thousand soldiers Bring the Kozuki clan back to power. However, Kaido and his crew have come up with a new plan to suppress the uprising. The strategy developed in chapter 993 of the ONE PIECE manga provides that one of the protagonists of this story arc must be eliminated.

""In other words, this is a rebellion by the Kozuki clan to return to power. They try to put Oden's son Momonosuke on the throne of Wanos Shogun. Kill Momonosuke and bring his head to me. This will break the samurai's will to fight"King yells at his subordinates.

King's words sparkled the indictment of his men, driven by the new size hanging on Momo's head. However, according to the initial rumors, the Kozuki bloodline will survive this inconvenience as well. The HUNGRY DAYS commercials highlighted the solidity of the ONE PIECE cast. Fairy Tail's Shanks and Gildarts are at the center of a strange theory about ONE PIECE and Hiro Mashima.

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