Fate Grand Order: The arrival of a new character dedicated to Van Gogh goes viral

Make grand orders It could be a very complicated series considering how many series and films have featured many wizards and servants, often inspired by historical characters that really existed, such as the recent announcement of a new heroine based on the famous artist Van Gogh.

Born straight out of the video game's release on mobile, the Fate Grand Order franchise fits perfectly into the definition of Gacha gameIt's not uncommon for players to be able to collect all of the playable characters even through microtransactions. This time these nice digital counterparts have been expanded to include a version by Van Gogh.

As you can see in the post below, they are going viral on social media. The user @KaroshiMyriad shared the presentation image of the character in question, presenting a design modeled with shades and colors that is a bit of a reflection of the artist's style The main weapon is a huge sunflower, a flower to which Van Gogh dedicated a number of paintings.

In these type of games, the character's value is defined by the number of stars on their card, and from what is shown it looks like this Van Gogh will be one of the best in the Fate Grand Order. Recall that the pandemic outbreak resulted in the postponement of the new film dedicated to the Fate Grand Order: Camelot series and we leave you to the Fate Grand Order: Camelot trailer.

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