The protagonist Asta was quickly accepted into the Black Bull group because of his skills. This organization of magical knights is the more accurate than the world of the black clover, ponder how its members will be treated by the rest of the kingdom. Still, they all demonstrated excellent skills.

But who are they five strongest members of the Black Bull? These Black Clover characters have evolved a lot over time and we'll refer to their strengths at the end of the anime. The group, which comprises a total of fifteen members, sees one of its strongest members in Noelle Silva. The girl is in fifth place and positions herself in the top five after some beginnings where she wasn't even able to control her own magic. But over time she has made great strides that have become tremendous .

Fourth position instead for Luck Voltiathe aggressive member is always prone to fighting. He has always shown himself in various fights in which he used his lightning magic to challenge enemies who were even stronger than him. Although he already has excellent magic, he keeps refining and improving himself by adding new techniques and variations.

Third is the Deputy Captain of the Black Bull, night. He is one of the youngest characters in Black Clover who only appears in the final stages, but he has already revealed that he can control demons. This gives him a powerful and unique arsenal in the group. Instead, silver medal went to the anime's protagonist, Asta. As a child without magic and therefore at the mercy of the mighty, his life changes when he receives the black grimoire with five petals. Between antimagics and swords, Asta is the most dangerous character for a world based on magic that can beat practically any enemy.

Finally, the highest position goes to the captain of the hut, lo and behold Foreigner Yami Sukehiro. Yami's strength is extraordinary, as is his swordsmanship. In addition to classic dark-based spells, he also knows how to take advantage of reading ki and add more weapons to his already powerful arsenal.

Surely this ranking will change in the future as the saga and training progresses. Black Clover continues in the manga format published by Panini Comics come on MangaPlus.

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