A few days ago, various press releases confirmed that the manga was written and illustrated by Kentarou miura, Berserkhas more than 50 million copies in circulation worldwide. The figure takes into account both printed publications and digital copies sold through media platforms.

Miura started publishing the manga in the magazine in 1989 Monthly animal house from the publisher Hakusenshato move it to the magazine later Cub He published it in 1992 until his death in May 2021, which marked the end of the work. The publisher released the thirty-ninth compiled volume in June 2017, followed by the forty-ninth volume in September 2018 in Japan.

The manga inspired a 25-episode anime adaptation that was released in October 1997 and produced by the studios. OLMas well as a trilogy of films entitled Berserker: Ougon Jidai hen Premiere in February 2012, June 2012 and February 2013. The studios then adapted the series to anime again GEMBA and released in July 2016 with 24 episodes.

Berserk Synopsis

Guts, now marked for death and due to be haunted by demons until his death, sets out to challenge such a cruel fate as waves of beasts pursue him relentlessly. With his determination, he takes the monstrous dragon slayer sword and vows revenge on the person in charge who hunts down the very man he once admired and considered a friend. On the way he meets some unlikely allies, like a little elf named Puck and Isidro, a young thief who wants to learn to play swords from a former mercenary. As the Smorgasbord slowly reunite after choosing to join Guts in their quest, they will face an incredible peril the likes of which they have never seen before.

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