The countdown is getting tighter with the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero in Japanese cinemas there is less than a week. The hype surrounding the film is very high and can only grow after recent teasers were shared, the last of which focused on Piccolo.

The upcoming anime feature of the franchise seems to have a lot in store for the Namek. In a recent Dragon Ball Super TV commercial, Super Hero Piccolo was struggling with a smartphone while in the shared for the past few hours plays the role of secret agent 007.

Throughout the film, Warrior Z will be busy with a spy mission. Leaving behind his legendary combat suit, he wears the Red Ribbon uniform for infiltrate the criminal organization's base of operations. Confused among the Red Ribbon men, Piccolo will discover what secret lurks at enemy headquarters. Doctor Hedo, Magenta, and Carmine are hiding a special containment structure that appears to be hiding a monstrous new enemy.

In the third teaser of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Piccolo, Gohan challenges Piccolo, but there's a nostalgic Easter egg hidden in this other promotion. The red ribbon uniform that Piccolo steals to infiltrate the base of operations is number 94. Nel Chapter 94 of the Dragon Ball manga, Goku invades Red Ribbon HQ. And you, did you notice this quote from Akira Toriyama's original work?

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