As one of the biggest anime hits of the past year, its popularity is at an all-time low. For various reasons, analyzed by the Japanese portal Myjitsu, Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui is going through a period of sharp decline that maybe only the second anime season can slow down.

In analysis earlier in the year, Tokyo Revengers sales soared into the year. However, in recent months la series no longer seems to appeal to the public and the reasons are varied, from the stagnation of the narrative in the manga, from the huge rift created between the manga and the anime adaptation, and the controversy arising from the firing of Draken's original voice actor in Tokyo Revengers, Tatuhisa, results in Suzuki.

With its debut, Tokyo Revengers sparked the boom in a genre that had lost its former glory. However, in the last period Readers seem to have grown weary of the plot and the story of Takemichi Hanagaki.

The manga series continues to lose fans too quickly. In particular, one of the reasons seems to be that Death of one of the protagonists of the Tokyo Manji Gang in volume 26 of the manga. The Suzuki voice actor's infidelity also appears to be among the factors that have turned fans off. This actually seems to be the reason that caused Tokyo Revengers Season 2 big delay. The long wait has prompted fans to leave.

Then again, the Tokyo Revengers' mistakes aren't all in the house. The series of Wakui must face the success of other worksthe last of which is Spy x Family.

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