Unlike other shonen, Kohei Horikoshi's manga series is characterized by the presence of a large number of protagonists, including both main and supporting characters. The disadvantage of this is that numerous characters from My hero academy They had no opportunity to be deepened and were often overlooked, as happened at the Battle of Shoto.

The heroes' war tactics stipulated that i Villains have been shared each in different locations and confronted with teams of heroes. Shoto, Iida, and the Endeavor cronies were given the task of confronting Dabi. Therefore, the final chapters of the work were marked by the final confrontation between the Todoroki.

The original plan was for Dabi to face the two Yuei Class 1-A young heroes at the same time Kido, Onima and Burnin, the three most powerful assistants of the Endeavor Agency. All in all, however, Shoto was left completely alone.

Apparently, Iida had no way of approaching the villain because of the intensity of the flames it produced. The same cannot be said for the three sidekicks, who instead proved they can withstand Dabi's blue fire. Even so, they were practically meaningless for the duration of the battle.

In My Hero Academia 349, Endeavor's sidekicks take a stand on the Todoroki family issue, but then do little else. They only succeed at the end of the fight deflect a shot intended for Shotowho can deal his final blow with it in My Hero Academia 352.

Endeavor's trio of sidekicks aren't among the main characters of the play, but it was still disappointing not to see them actively participate in the conflict. The fans in particular would have liked to see that Burning in action. During the internship, he displayed an interesting personality, but he never had the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of his quirk flaming hair, uniqueness that allows her to fly and use her hair to launch flaming projectiles. And you, for the next few battles, would you like to see more group action, or do you approve of Horikoshi's way of handling things?

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