Yoshihiro KurosakiKentaro Miura's assistant recently revealed new details about the disappearance of the author of Berserk in a short Twitter post, stating that - contrary to the assumption of many fans and newspapers - The mangaka didn't die of an unhealthy lifestyleNor did he see any serious health problems in his later years.

""I want to avoid any misunderstandings about Miura-Sensei's reputation"wrote Kurosaki,"Some people seem to believe that Miura lived a terrible life based on some written comments published in volumes twenty years ago, but it is not. For the past fifteen years, Miura-sensei had a fairly balanced lifestyle, with a balanced diet and constant exercise. Before he left us, he was healthy and did not suffer from any illness"A comment necessary to silence all rumors of a supposedly unhealthy lifestyle.

""I also try to be very careful with my health"Kurosaki wrote in a second post"I suffer from the flu a lot and even got Covid-19 this year. In the future, I want to move a little under the radar, I want to be calm and think a little. If something is done, it will be talked about in the future. Thanks for your support"This last comment seems to suggest a possible return from Berserk, but at the moment there are no confirmations on the matter.

In any case, it is certainly good news to know that Kentaro Miura has passed his final years happily and without any health problems. The mangaka did a great job for the world and if nothing else we now know that he kept doing what he loved until the end.

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