The publication of video games Pokémon In 1996, red and blue introduced the world to the wearable monsters of Satoshi Tajiri, which in a short time conquered millions of people, including an enthusiast who, driven by nostalgia, perfectly recreated the protagonist's room for his pet.

Of course, the evolution of the market and requests from the community today have resulted in the gameplay of Pokémon games changing drastically. The central point always remains Travel and explore the region in question, between fighting and conquering various monsters, as happens especially in the new season of the anime Pokémon Explorations, in which Ash and Goh move from one place to another Do research and climb the World Cup rankings.

Despite these advances, user @TheHamMazeAdv has chosen to recreate with incredible care The first place you see in games, the room where all the trainers met before the real adventure in the Pokémon world began. As you can see in the image below shared on Reddit by the same enthusiast, His hamster has a new home, the protagonist's room of fire red and leaf green, complete with computer, television and Nintendo's historic console, the NES.

What do you think of this lovely present? Let us know with a comment below. Remember, one of the most precious Pokémon cards is that of President Ishihara, and we're leaving you with a preview of the new Levi's jacket.

Now I'm making a Pokémon themed bedroom for my little hamster from r / pokemon

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