One of the characters that has grown in importance in the universe Spider Manis undoubtedly Mister Negative or Martin Li, especially after the Marvel's Spider-Man video game developed by Insomniac Games was released. Li recently confronted his inner demons and returned to FEAST, now run by May Parker.

Although he wasn't in the charity, he formed himself into volume 59 of the Amazing Spider-Man series. Martin actually seems to have freed himself from past sinsand then decides to go back to his old life and serve those who really need help. Of course, Aunt May welcomes him lovingly to FEAST, where Li himself decides to tell her the whole truth.

He reveals how Martin Li was a man who wanted to help others, how he actually was a trafficker and how how he killed Li and then stole his identity and opened the FEST as cover for his criminal activities as Mister Negative. May's concern and affection will make her realize how sincere Li is about her own salvation, and she will offer her help immediately flee from the possible threats that may follow him, like the henchmen in Kingpin's service.

As soon as they go into the basement, however, May is grabbed by one of the demons, who invites Spider-Man, who had just arrived, not to attack her if he wants to prevent her from dying. Impressed by these words, Peter stands still, and then Martin Li intervenes in the role of Mr. Negativoand ordered them to drop May.

Li then decided to let himself be drawn back to his past and the dark side he was trying to escape from except May. A certainly heroic gesture that laid the groundwork for new developments in which Wilson Fisk, the New York criminal, is likely to be directly involved.

Recall that Miles Morales met a close friend of his during the King in Black event, and we'll leave you the details of the new Spider's Shadow series.

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