We have arrived at episode 164 of Black Clover on Crunchyroll, a portal that has long been spreading the adventures of the magical knight without magic in Italian and other languages. Asta and his companions have been with us for three years or more, but their story comes to an end, at least in the animated counterpart.

Studio Pierrot has indeed announced the arrival of the final episode of Black Clover. We will therefore see at the end of March the last battle of AstaFor now, at least, we are waiting to know what the series’s major announcement will be, which will be revealed upon final airing. In the meantime, however, another revelation comes, this time in the context of a popularity poll.

The official Twitter account of the Black Clover anime has told fans that, given the arrival of the final episode on March 30, 2021, that will be the case started a popularity poll of the best scene appeared during the many episodes. Among those who express themselves in the vote, ten users will be drawn who will receive a special poster to commemorate the end of the anime.

It will be possible to vote between 25 black clover scenes You can find this on the website at the source. Where you want to vote, you have to click the red button for the excerpt and then share the message on Twitter. What do you think is the best scene in the anime?

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