On the Official Site for the Original Anime Studios Pierrot, Akudama DriveIt has been announced that the series has dated its premiere on October 8th in Japan. In addition, it was confirmed that there will be a total of twelve episodes.

The premiere of the series was originally planned for July this year. However, this has been postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on production. A manga adaptation by Rokurou Ogaki published on subscription manga website Rental fee! since July 2020.


  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as ippanjin (common person).
  • Yuichiro umehara as Hakobiya (messenger).
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Kenkaya (fighter).
  • Avoid theory like hackers.
  • Megumi Ogata like Isha (doctor).
  • Subaru Kimura as chinpira (racket).
  • Takahiro Sakurai like satsujinki (neck cutter).

Production team

  • The studies Pierrot and To kyo games The original idea is credited.
  • Kazutaka Kodaka (Franchise Danganronpa) the original story is credited.
  • Tomohiro Taguchi ((Kino no tabi, Sousei no Omyouji) is responsible for the direction of the anime in Studio Pierrot.
  • Yoshifumi Sasahara ((Kuzu no honkai, Kino no tabi) serves as assistant director,
  • Norimitsu Kaihou ((Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen: Mirai Hen, Gakkou Gurashi!) is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Cindy H. Yamauchi adapts the original character designs from Rui komatsuzaki for animation.
  • Aida Shigekazu is responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.

Akudama Drive Synopsis

In this story, the Kanto and Kansei regions long ago had a war that divided the world. But at the end of the war Kansei lost and swore allegiance to Kanto. However, the Kansei government and police did not accept defeat, and crime dominated the region. These criminals are known as "Akudama" ...

Source: official page

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