Atsushi Okubo is a writer already known to the anime and manga public for his work on Soul Eater, which has been completed for several years. For the past five years the mangaka has been busy with a weekly series Firepower, also known as Enen no Shouboutai in Japan.

The manga enjoyed an animated adaptation that recently concluded season two. While fans of the anime Fire Force 2 can review via various streaming services, readers of the manga in Japan collide with a new and completely different chapter.

On Weekly Shonen Magazine number 12 from 2021, published in the last hours in Japan that Chapter 155 of Firepower. However, the first spoilers are already floating around and the leaked images have astonished both readers and all other internet users. As you can see in the photos below, the author Atsushi Okubo decided to radically change his story, almost turning it into a metaphor, and filling some pages with the particular pose of a woman with her left leg and hand raised.

The cartoons shoot it from multiple angles and show this It is a 3D model that is inserted between the pages, complete with a shade of gray in the background which is then cut from white. We'll have to wait to understand why Okubo decided to publish such a chapter of Fire Force and the meaning behind it. Meanwhile, Fire Force has entered the final phase of its history.

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