After the events of the previous episode of the sequel Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Fans were expecting a sequel to Sesshoumaru's return, with some details that would allow them to reconnect the story of Moroha, Towa and Setsuna with what they saw in Inuyasha. Instead, they experienced an extravagant battle royale.

In fact, Moroha has to face the demon slayersI organized in a challenge by the daimyo's daughter who appeared in the first episode. The episode begins with Princess Aiya's evocation of the warriors, despite the lack of Kohaku. Aiya promises them positions as mercenaries in their father's service if they take part in direct combat with a group of hunters. The fighters are immediately very excited about the idea of ​​getting promoted in some way, but their excitement dies when they discover they object to Moroha.

Setsuna is in fact the only one who can handle Moroha, and the two agree not to inform Towa about the battle. The episode continues with a series of funny scenes that are interrupted by the arrival of Towa, shocked by Setsuna's actionswho put Moroha's life at risk because she believes her goal is more important than any personal relationship. Of course, it was a production staged by Moroha and the Annihilators to give them a new cast, and Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter pretended to have been defeated and killed.

However, Kohaku's arrival suggests that Princess Aiya never intended, and really only wanted, to promote the Annihilators make fun of Setsuna and Morohatrying to escape his father had stained his precious kimono.

We remember Sesshoumaru is on a big way back and we leave you to the creepy demonic form of Setsuna in the promo of the next episode.

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