It's finally the big day and he's about to make his debut in Japan Sword Art Online Progressive, the new film inspired by the Reki Kawahara saga, as well as the first animated adaptation of the light novel spin-off of the same name, which examines some of the details of the first, only hinted at narrative arc from the original series.

Today, the highly anticipated film makes its debut in Japan and will trace the early stages of Asuna and Kirito's adventures in the virtual world, but with a more centralized perspective on the heroine of SAO. However, in the past few minutes, several sources have started reporting the same last minute news: the sequel to Sword Art Online Progressive is made and will arrive in 2022.

It seems that at the end of the screening in the hall there appears the announcement of the continuation of the film, which also seems to have a name, that is "Kuraki Yuuyami no Sukerutsu", Symptom that will adjust the events of the 5th floor. However, we only have to wait a few hours for all the confirmations or denials of the case A-1 pictures he had already got us used to phenomena of this kind with SAO The Movie: Ordinal Scale.

And did you instead expect such an announcement and set the release date for next year? Let us know with a comment below.

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