Wano's story arc is one of the most important ONE PIECE not only for the various discoveries and revelations that will be fundamental in the final saga, but also for the overthrow of two historical emperors. Kaido and Big Mom have been blown away by the strength of the new generation, but are back in two gorgeous collectible statues.

Indeed, Onigashima has been the scene of a series of battles that are among the most intense ever conceived by Eiichiro Oda. Top of the island dominated by Kaido the Emperor and his ally Big Mom They faced three Supernovas flanked by their faithful companions: Luffy, Kidd and Law. The various vicissitudes involving the Mugiwara and the people of Wano ended with the final fall of the two emperorsreplaced by Luffy himself and Buggy.

However, the strength and danger that Kaido and Big Mom represent reminds the artists LX Studio announced the two numbers you can see below. Kaido appears in his hybrid form, ready to unleash a powerful attack with his spiked club and Big Mom with his sword. 37 centimeters tall, the figures will come in the third quarter of 2023 and could already be can be booked in a bundle at a price of 695 euros.

Finally we remind you that the titles of the next episodes of the anime have been anticipated and we leave you with the character of Whitebeard presented by BT Studio.

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