Even if it is not considered a standard work, Dragon Ball GT has managed to introduce novelties to the universe created by Akira Toriyama that have solidified over time and remain highly appreciated by fans. This includes the transformation into Super Saiyan 4, which also features in the spin-off series, Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

That fourth level of Super Saiyan was first introduced during the baby arc in Dragon Ball GT and has since been considered one of the best forms to appear in the entire franchise. The most simian design suggesting a return to Origins of the Saiyans and the Oozaru Form has conquered millions of fans and certainly cannot be missing from one of the most famous mobile video games of the series: Dragon Ball Heroes.

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump features concept art related to the Super Saiyan 4 transformations of beat and note, protagonists of the game and the spin-off series. As you can see in the images below, Beat and Note look very similar to Goku and Vegeta, but what surprises is the wilder aspect of Beat and above all the peculiarity of a transformation where hair appears same color as the first stage of the Super Saiyan.

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