The tragedies in the world of ONE PIECE there were many due to the world government's drive for power, led by the mysterious Im-sama, a figure who can order the end of entire peoples. But now that the manga is coming to an end, more and more mysteries are revealed as it happens in the new chapter.

ONE PIECE 1066 returns with the Germa 66 mini-adventures. Sanji's brothers eventually manage to escape from Whole Cake Island along with Caesar Clown and disappear on their ship. It then moves on to Vegapunk's lab, where Shaka explains the situation to the Mugiwaras. Shaka starts talking about the world government situation and some theories about the ancient kingdom, the creator of the technology buried there in Egghead. These theories can lead to death, as happened to Ohara.

And so begins a Vegapunk flashbacks, with the scientist finally showing his real body. A few months after the Buster Call, the scientist meets Dragon in Ohara and learns that all the books there were brought to Elbaf by a group of giants. The scientist read them all and kept his knowledge while that day Dragon decides to create the revolutionary army.

At the end of the chapter, when Shaka takes the pirates away, Luffy and the others encounter Vegapunk's original bodysignificantly aged compared to that in the ONE PIECE flashback.

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