Homunculus, an entity born in an ampoule in Xerxes, small and seemingly insignificant, but which within a few years would have spelled the end of a population and the dangers to many others. All of this just to try to live up to it God by Fullmetal Alchemistthe creature that lives near the portal.

In order to leave human desires behind and rise even more towards divinity, the homunculus decided to split into several parts. So he began to break away from the seven deadly sins and create entirely new beings that, in one way or another, made a mark on the protagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. One of the first to appear is LustLust, a woman with lots of curves, long black hair and the ability to stretch her fingers into razor-sharp claws.

Due to Roy Mustang's fiery killing spree, he won't end well in the manga and anime, but he's still a character who manages to stick around. And to up the ante is Le'Atlass who created this one Lust cosplay by Fullmetal Alchemistbetween the white of the pale skin and the black of the clothes and hair.

There is also a cosplay of King Bradley, the other homunculus in charge of government, and a cosplay of Ling and his crew.

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