In the world created by Tite Kubo there are so many small elements that seem insignificant. But certain details sooner or later become important and play a big role in the plot. With the special chapter of Bleach, from which the hell saga emerged, even the dark Infernal Butterflies have found their role.

Let's trace back Story of Bleach's Infernal Butterflieswhat are their skills and what is the secret behind their name that Szayelaporro Granz speaks of. These insects are shaped like completely black butterflies with purple effects on the wings that are said to aid the shinigami in various ways. First, they help the Shinigami to travel through the Senkaimon, the link between the Soul Society and the human world, to avoid the most dangerous journey through the Dangai.

Besides, the Hell butterflies are often used as messengers, which enables the Shinigami to communicate quickly with each other and also to issue important commands and missions. One is given to every young Shinigami, and the most inexperienced are those to whom they are entrusted. Furthermore, like any supernatural creature, they are only visible to those who have a certain spiritual power.

In the original it is her name is εœ°η„ 蝢 (Jigokuchō)which literally means "butterfly of hell". In fact, the term εœ°η„ (Jigoku) means hell, while 蝢 (Chō) means butterfly. Hence, the explanation of Szayelaporro Granz's theorem at the end of the chapter shows that Hell has always watched the protagonists of Bleach.

They will be very important in Bleach's Hell saga, as the earlier sword suggests.

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