What happened in the Land of Wa, from the fall of Orochi rule to the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom, shook the waters of the New World and began the final saga of ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda has decided to unravel one of the great mysteries of the work: the mystery shared with Dr. Vegapunk who brought the Mugiwaras to the island of Egghead.

Given the numerous commitments and tasks to be completed The great scientist divided his spirit and soul into six different bodiesi, also identified by the number printed on their clothing or body. In Chapter 1062, the protagonists made the acquaintance of Lilith, Punk-02, Shaka, Punk-01 and Atlas, the punk 05. The latter, looking like a giant little girl, immediately showed her special strength and also demonstrated the side of Vegapunk that she embodies: force.

Atlas succeeds Hit and throw Luffy very far with a basic attack, and it seems particularly resilient. When the protagonist hits her himself, the metallic sound suggests that she might be a cyborg or wearing some kind of armor. In addition, Atlas can fly thanks to a jetpack and through his gloves can interact with lightSo also with holograms.

And what do you think of Atlas? Were you impressed by Punk-05's characterization? Tell us in the comments. Finally, we leave you with the spoilers of Chapter 1064 of ONE PIECE and the clash between Law and Blackbeard animated by a fan.

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