Now there are only fights between the strongest. Ever since Luffy entered the New World, pirates have sat ahead of him and his friends at the forefront of piracy. Doflamingo, Big Mom, Kaido and their crews: these names have plagued the seas of ONE PIECE for many years, but now their reign is over.

There are the challenges of the new generation to watch and one of them is the fight between Blackbeard and Trafalgar Law that has just started. That Spoilers from ONE PIECE 1064 with pictures, the first part focuses precisely on this completely unexpected collision. First, in the mini-adventure, Aokiji and Van Augur are seen kidnapping Pudding, which ties directly into the rest of the story.

Law and his crew are on Winner Island while the Captain cuts Stronger to pieces, bringing down Doc Q and Blackbeard. However, the Emperor uses an in-flight earthquake that knocks the Hearts pirates to the ground while Doc Q throws bombs, but Shaku detonates them mid-air thanks to an attack from the water. Jean Bart defends Law from a sniper attack while the Captain continues to fight and uses the Awakening of the Devil Fruit with the K Room Piercing Blackbeard, which takes a lot of damage. Van Augur teleports his captain into the air, but the fight continues with a confrontation between Haki the commanders of the two crews. Pudding is also seen behind bars with Blackbeard's crew watching them.

Meanwhile, Akainu learns of the clash between these two powers on Winner Island. Meanwhile, Cop Kuma doesn't respond to anything on Egghead Jewelry Bonney changed everyone's age. Jinbe explains that Kuma was the tyrant king of the Sherbet Kingdom and was driven out by his own people, later becoming a pirate and a member of the Revolutionary Army. Captured by the Navy and sentenced to death, he was rescued by Vegapunk, who suggested him as the subject of his experiments due to his tremendous physical strength. Bonney rejects these statements with these words Kuma was a beloved king and he is of a special race, and that the project to turn him into a cyborg was tantamount to a death sentence. It seems that Kuma hated the world government and that's why something happened.

Meanwhile, Vegapunk Lilith transports the Thousand Sunny with her robot. The crew arrive at Egghead where they change clothes, but Zoro and Brook remain on the ship. On the last page of ONE PIECE, Vegapunk Shaka talks to Dragon. The scientist reveals to the revolutionary that he will die soon and that he wanted to warn him. Is Vegapunk already aware of CP0's arrival?

One Piece Chapter 1064 Raws

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