On the official page for the anime adaptation of Light Novels written by Shotou Shinku and illustrated by Huuka kazabana, Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja (The strongest way of the disqualified coat of arms) the second promotional video of the project was released. The video shows a fragment of the final theme entitled "Day of bright sunshine"And interpreted by Yuki Nakashima.

The series is scheduled to premiere on January 8, 2022, while the platform Crispy roll will take care of the distribution in the west after the first episode has been shown in advance during the event Anime NYC in November of this year. For his part, Shoutou Shinku began publishing the light novels through the publisher SB creative in December 2016 with illustrations by Huuka kazabana. A manga adaptation by Kansho Yes Hyoko will be published on the website Manga up! from the publisher Square enix since May 2017.


  • Nina Tamaki as Matthias
  • Sayumi suzushiro as Lurie
  • Haruka Shiraishi as Alma
  • Shiori Izawa as iris

Production team

  • Noriaki Akitaya (Battle Girl High School, Active Raid) is responsible for directing the anime in the studios JCSTAFF.
  • Hiroki uchida (A Certain Scientific Railgun T, Date A Live III) is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Keisuke goto (Fate / Grand Order: First Order, Babylon) is responsible for character design.
  • Keiji Inai (DanMachi, Oshitsu Kyoushi Heine) is responsible for composing the soundtrack.
  • fripSide the opening theme is entitled "Leap of faith" while Yuki Nakashima the final topic with the title "Day of bright sunshine".

Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja Summary

In a magical world, the powers and future of a magician are given from birth by the so-called "Marks", four symbols that categorize a person's talent for magic. Regretful that his mark was viewed as unsuitable for battle and only to enhance magic, an incredibly skilled sage chose to be reborn thousands of years in the future. Reborn as Mathias Hildesheimr - a six-year-old boy and third son of a ducal family - he achieves the close combat he has always wanted. Unfortunately, it also turns out that mankind's knowledge of magic and swordsmanship has deteriorated drastically during this period; Poor quality magical equipment can only be found sporadically, while forgetting even the simplest of spells.

To add insult to injury, his current brand, once hailed as the strongest, is now considered the worst. When Mathias turns 12, his incomparable ability with the sword prompts him to enter the Second Royal Academy. Breaking through prejudices, it is not long in coming to cause a sensation in and outside the academy. However, the ancient sage discovers signs of dark forces working in the shadows, and since humanity is weaker than ever, it is up to Mathias to thwart his evil plans.

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(c) 進行 諸島 ・ SB ク リ エ イ テ ィ ブ / 「失 格紋 の 最強 賢者」 製作 委員会

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