In early 2021, Summer Time Rendering, a surprising manga by Yasuki Tanaka that was published on Shonen Jump +, the digital sister of the better-known Shonen Jump, but which has released a lot of valuable titles lately. Simultaneously with the publication of the last chapter, however, the publisher announced an anime for Summer Time Rendering.

An announcement that attests to the good work of the editors of the digital magazine. As surprisingly revealed, Summer Time Rendering will appear on Disney + in the course of 2022, starting a relationship between the American platform and Japanese products. With the Jump Festa 2022, held on December 18th and 19th, Shueisha unveiled new information on Summer Time Rendering including an unpublished trailer and a key visual.

The image below already heralds an anime that is certainly not calm: a purple-black background that creates a mysterious and disturbing environment while the protagonists are stretched out to some black hands that flow from the viewer's point of view. the Daylight saving time rendering trailer above offers some other interesting moments, ranging from oceanic and peaceful scenarios to situations hovering between life and death.

Summer Time Rendering will debut in April 2022 with 25 episodes which will cover the entire history of the manga.

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