The franchise of Pokémon arrived on the market in 1996 thanks to the games of Pokémon Red, Blue and Green, the last of which released only in Japan, quickly became one of the most popular brands in the world, thanks also to the spread of merchandise and above all the game of collectible cards, which is often renewed with new expansions.

Of course i collectors more fond of portable monsters they did not miss the opportunity to capture them all in the form of cards, and many of them opened YouTube channels entirely dedicated to the so-called "unpacking", which can sometimes contain thousands of dollars' surprises.

This was the case with Canadian actor, voice actor and youtuber Lee Steinfeld, known on the platform as Leonhart who, by opening a sachet of the first English edition, has found what is today considered as one of the rarest cards of all expansions released so far, or a holographic Charizard.

Counting nearly 1 million members Leonhart over the years has found numerous rare pieces, and many of his fans were looking forward to the moment when he would find the Charizard in question, designed by Ken Sugimori, which being in almost perfect condition it could come to really interesting figures in the collectors field. At the bottom of the page you can find the exact moment when Lee found the card in question.

Recall that Charizard recently appeared in a bizarre fanart for a competition held just for the card game, and that numerous spoilers have emerged on the net on the next episodes of Pokémon Explorations.

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