The first 7 episodes of the 6th season of My Hero Academy make the hearts of the fans beat faster. Studio BONES has staged breathtaking fights that skilfully alternate with really exciting scenes. In My Hero Academia 6x07, Bones also adapted a deleted scene from Kohei Horikoshi's manga, to the delight of viewers.

In the last episode of the series Shigaraki Tomura Demonstrating his tremendous strength, he managed to collide with him at eye level Make an effort despite the cancellation of the quirk suffered by the hands erasers. The villain's head is very strong and full of surprises: in fact, the last gift left by him rushes to his aid. All for one.

Of course we talk about it gigantomachy, the monstrous behemoth that has served All for One for countless years. He only reacts to his master's power and upon noticing Shigaraki's return, he begins running toward him, accompanied by him Daby and Mr Compress, wreak havoc everywhere. To stop him, Mount Lady, Midnight and Kamui Wood intervene.

Unfortunately, the heroes defeat the terrifying trio of enemies and put Midnight in grave danger. That Comparison between Mount Lady and Gigantomachy it's merciless, and in the end the only thing the heroine can do is cling to the villain to slow his progress. As the Yuei heroes soon discover, Mount Lady actually manages to slow the colossus's speed, and with great effort, as evidenced by @'s tweet.NoMohrXD.

At the end of My Hero Academia 6x07, Yaoyorozu appears to have a plan that was devised with the help of an ailment midnightto stop gigantomachy. Will the young aspiring heroine and her companions be able to prevent the worst?

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