Berserk: Kentaro Miura suggests rereading an old work by Tetsuo Hara

Despite the disappointment with the discontinuation of Berserk's release, the numerous fans of Kentaro Miura's work are eagerly awaiting to find out how the Stories of Gatsu and his allies. Meanwhile, the famous mangaka has recommended a new work for reading.

At the bottom of the messages, you can find the tweet that the account shared @ MangaMogurawhich is the cover of the new edition of "Hana no Keiji", known in Italy by the name"Keiji the Magnificent"and the translation of which was entrusted to Star Comics. The manga was first published in Japan in 1990 and is inspired by the story of Keichiro Ryu, which allows us to know all the details of the Life of Keiji Maeda, a figure from the Sengoku period who really existed and was part of the Tokugawa court. The editor of the work therefore decided to republish it, and on this occasion Kentaro Miura expressed all his admiration for this work, which consisted of 18 volumes and a sequel, which was also converted into one Anime aired in 2013.

The message also features the cover of the new issue, which focuses on the protagonist Keiji Maeda. Finally, we point out this great berserk fan art that Gatsu shows us in the version of the Demonic Apostle.

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