Junji Ito: The famous artist talks about cats and his work in an unpublished interview

The interviews with Junji Ito continue: after talking about his creative process, the famous Japanese mangaka Master of horror revealed some background information on some of his most successful work.

Even so, the interview was granted to the microphones by Anime News Networkconcerns one of his latest manga entitled "Junji Ito's cat diary: Yon & Mu", in which he related his experiences in the first months of his life with his wife and cats. The first question the interviewer asks is whether after all these years Junji Ito has other cats or pets: "We have had two more cats since Yon and Mu died. When they are hungry they come to my bedroom door and try to open it which makes a lot of noise. I also had bugs as pets, and right now my daughter has a lucanid that she found in the house. My wife, on the other hand, has four lizards".

In addition, Junji Ito also discussed the numerous symbols that appear in his works and said something about them in particular spiral, in the middle of the manga "Uzumaki"Here is his comment:"A spiral in water has the ability to bring things deep to the surface and I think there is something scary about that. Even the center of a spiral can only lead deeper, and I think the concept of infinity is very disturbing".

We also point out that Frankestein, the famous manga by Junji Ito, is finally available in Italy.

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