ONE PIECE x Pokémon: A fan connects Kaido and Rayquaza with a new creature

As children, we have always been fascinated by Pokémon, those strange creatures that, thanks to video games and anime, have stayed with us for long periods of life. There are many species that are inspired by all kinds of real or mythological animals. But what if these creatures were inspired? Characters like those from ONE PIECE?

A fan tried that This is how Pokémon joins ONE PIECE. Eiichiro Oda's manga, the most famous and best-selling in the world, is currently home to the character of Kaido, one of the four emperors who we have turned into a dragon thanks to the power of his zoo-zoo fruit. Based on a Chinese dragon, Kaido takes on a blue, tapered body with many arms.

That version probably triggered something in KuroTeo's head that she fused Kaido Dragon version of a Dragon Pokémon. From the union of Rayquaza, legendary of the third generation, and the mighty emperor was born the character you can see in the post below. A version of the Rayquaza genre would certainly be very interesting to see in Pokémon video games, and what do you think?

Other fans are also active on the Pokémon front: We point out the merger with Greymon of Digimon and a dragon-like development for Eevee.

Rayquaza + Kaido! I could have made gyarados, but the green dragon is way cooler. by r / OnePiece

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