The saga of the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament ended with Krillin's death. After finding his friend's body, Goku sets out to find the culprit while the others track down the identity of the assassin: Piccolo Daimao, who has returned to freedom after a long absence and is interested in the Dragon Balls. Thus began the fifth saga of dragon ball.

Goku meets Tambourine, one of the antagonist's subordinates who is responsible for killing all the fighters in the tournament. The protagonist is defeated and ends up in the forest where he meets YajirobeThe. Piccolo Daimao aims to make the balls younger and stronger. While the other henchmen of Tamburello and Piccolo sow death and destruction among the participants in the competition, the protagonists approach other spheres. It's time for Goku and Tambourine's rematch, and this time the boy manages to gain the upper hand thanks to a combination with the Nyoi Stick and a powerful Kamehameha.

However, it comes on the battlefield Piccolo Daimao who manages to knock out Goku, and steal the orb in his possession. Roshi and the others bury the five orbs they found in a safe place, and when the antagonist arrives, it's the master himself who takes over the field and replicates the orbs mafuba, a technique that Master Mutaito had used to imprison the Piccolo Daimao at the cost of his own life. Unfortunately, Roshi fails in his intention and dies from the tremendous effort he has put in.

Come into possession of the seven spheres, Piccolo Daimao summons Shenron and expresses a desire to become younger, also regain strength. Jiaozi dies trying to stop him. Meanwhile, at Goku's request, Yajirobe escorts him to Karin's Tower, where the protagonist recovers thanks to the senzu beans. Here Karin Goku explains that the only way to become more powerful is to drink the water of the majestic god that resides in the dark cave in the far north in the frozen lands.

While Goku manages to find and drink the magical water, Piccolo Daigo becomes the ruler of Central City and Tenshinhan manages to learn the Mafuba, and approaches the antagonist and his new son Drum. The boy manages to execute the Mafuba, but captures Tamburo, who was rescued by his father. Goku arrives at the scene and with a single punch he takes down Drum. An unprecedented confrontation eventually destroys the entire city and after many arguments with King Piccolo, Goku gathers the last remaining energy in his right hand.

there Saga of Piccolo Daimao, narrated from chapters 135 to 161ends with the ultimate defeat of the antagonist, who manages to spawn a final egg just before being killed by Goku.

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