Dragon Ball Z: Android 18 looks stunning in this illustration by a Korean artist

The love from the fans Dragon ball Try for # 18 is limitless. In fact, the gorgeous Android has become a favorite of enthusiasts over the years who have tried several times with mixed results to emulate its pleasant looks. The protagonist of the latest manifestation of creativity dedicated to her is an excellent illustration.

For several years C-18 is the female figure most cherished by the massive community associated with the masterpiece of Akira Toriyama. Among the numerous fan articles and extraordinary cosplay, such as the last personal interpretation curated by Tenkou, there was also no lack of true-to-scale reproductions of the cyborg in the form of strange models. With that in mind, we recommend checking out this awesome 2000 Euro C-18 figure from Green Leaf Studio.

Anyway, recently the latest illustration from Sangsoo Jeong, well-known Korean artist. The latter wanted to pay homage to the blonde heroine in a certain graphic representation that you can admire at the end of the news, in which he depicts the cyborg with his usual style. The artist's stroke has had great success with fans who particularly appreciated the depiction of the face with a strongly expressive face and the movement of the hair.

And you, what do you think of this artist rendering of # 18 instead, do you like it? As always, tell us yours in the section devoted to comments.

Android 18 from Sangsoo Jeong from r / dbz

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