Pokémon Twilight Wings: The Anime returns with a new special episode

Though not many have admired the visual grandeur of Pokémon Twilight WingsThe miniseries, dedicated to the most popular monsters in the world, has reserved pleasant surprises not only on an artistic level, but also on a content level. After the last fight from episode 7, here is a new unreleased episode.

A new special episode of the Twilight Wings miniseries was announced today through the official channels of the Pokémon franchise, and it will debut with the exception of unforeseen events. next November 5th. The announcement came in connection with the release of the second DLC for Sword and Shield. The snowy lands of the crown.

Precisely for this reason the episode is in fact justified for the occasion "Star Festival"will be discontinued in the new areas of the Galar region already shown with the DLC, although no information regarding the content of the short film has been reserved. Shingo Yamashita returns to direct the episode in overtime Colorido Studio, already protagonist of the first 7 episodes. It has not been clarified whether the episode will be released on YouTube as usual, but we will keep you updated until more news.

But are you enjoying this welcome, if brief, return to the small screen? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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