Berserker 362: The troubled past reveals another hand of God

After another hiatus, Kentaro Miura is finally back with a new chapter of Berserk in which he breaks the slow rhythms of the latest episodes to tell fragments of a troubled past. Among those troubled memories, however, there are some characters who look different from what we know today.

Just like we had stayed from the previous issue, the blacksmith decided to awaken the berserker's armor and show Gatsu some past memories of the previous owner that are none other than that Knight of the Skull. The great and extraordinary point of view with which the sensei tells this short journey through time is from the point of view of the knight in the first person, when he sees a woman die in his arms.

In the distance, however, we experience something unusual, the terrible presence of the hand of Godwhose group, however, is very different from today's. Alone among the arch demons, in fact Empty stayed in his role, although we have no information about the deaths of the other characters.

Regarding the hand of God Kentaro Miura Over time it has always been very careful to reveal details about the group. Could this be the long-awaited signal to finally find out the identity of the great villains of opera? And you, what do you think of this chapter, did you like it? As always, let us know yours with a comment below. Finally, we would like to remind you that Berserk is already on pause again.

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