The release date of My Hero Academia 279 is approaching. After a week-long break due to the weekly Shonen Jump stop, Kohei Horikoshi can publish a new story that will be fascinating with cover and color pages to celebrate the expected sixth anniversary. Let's see what together Spoiler for My Hero Academia 279.

The chapter obviously starts with the Cover on Weekly Shonen Jump but also with a two-colored page that you can see in the tweet at the end of the news. Here, all characters are well dressed to better celebrate this important milestone. We then return to the fight with Gigantomachia, the wild Shigaraki follower who is in full swing by his master.

Yaoyorozu has been asked to come up with a plan to stop it, and the title of the My Hero Academia chapter speaks volumes about the situation: "The League of Villains Against Yuei Students"We will then witness a student - villain fight in which Sero wonders what's going on while Setsuna Tokage uses his power to watch the advance of the Gigantomachia while giving information to Juzo Honenuki. Someone can see the presence of blue flames on Gigantomachia's back, warning that the rest of the rogue league is there too.

Yaoyorozu has prepared an anesthetic to be given to Gigantomachia orally while Mineta uses ropes and their idiosyncrasies to prepare a trap for the giant. Meanwhile, Mount Lady is still trying to stop the monster's legs and warn upcoming heroes of arrival. Gigantomachy falls into Mineta's trap and falls to the ground, toga and compress are shocked. Jirou warns everyone to position themselves. Ibara Shiozaki ties Gigantomachia with blackberries around the neck, while Sato and the other stronger students hold down the giant's head.

Shoji and Ojiro are preparing to attack in the meantime Dabi unleashes his flames on Jiro which, however, does not appear to be injured; Aoyama is preparing to unleash his laser, and Kaminari throws his disks into the bad guys' league but is attacked by the power of the compress. In the meantime, however, Gigantomachia does not fall asleep for the anesthetic and uses an attack to exterminate those nearby. As the giant tries to dig a path underground, Mt Lady intervenes and holds his head in the air. As some heroes prepare for the rogue and skeptic league, Ashido is finally ready to throw a capsule into Gigantomachia's mouth.

My Hero Academia will return with a color page next week.

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