Dragon Ball: What wishes do opera fans want to fulfill?

The Dragon Balls, once the characters' most coveted items from Dragon ballhave always fascinated entire generations of enthusiasts because they had the opportunity to express a wish. But what could fans of Akira Toriyama's masterpiece ever wish for? A poll tried to answer the question.

The Dragon Ball pictures are full of curiosity, some even weird like the secrets behind the Saiyajin's haircut, especially the secrets behind the extraordinary dragon balls that can express any - or almost - desire. A survey tried to capture what they are the wishes fans would ask of Shenron should they have the opportunity. Let's see together what are the community's most coveted desires.

In first place with a result of 24%, The money stands out. Who wouldn't want a large nest egg put aside to change their life? Oddly enough, in second place with 11% is a time machine to go back and fix past mistakes. In third place two competitors with 8% or the possibility of changing one's appearance and marrying someone.

The remaining positions can be found in the original article by Derek Padula appended to the end of the messages. And you, what wish would you like to fulfill? Please let us know with a comment in the appropriate box below as usual, but not before reading the story of a former Barcelona player who changed his name to Goku.

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