World Trigger: Confirms the release date of the second season

After discovering the first details about the employees working on the second season of World Trigger, we report on this tweet that allows us to know the day the unreleased episodes of the show.

As you can see from the message from the Twitter account @MangaMogura, which can be found at the bottom of the news, the second season of World Trigger is set to debut January 9, 2021 on Japanese television channels. However, we do not yet know when they will be available in the Italian market, but we are sure that we will have more information on them in the coming weeks.

For those interested, keep in mind that the anime's first season is in the Crunchyroll catalog. consisting of over 70 episodes, tells the story of Yuma Kuga, Osamu Mikuno, Chika Amatori, Yuichi Jin and Replica. Your adventures take place in Mikado, a Japanese city under attack by neighbors, invaders who have managed to reach them through a portal. Suddenly, to defend the city and its residents, the members of the border guard, who are involved in the fight against the neighbors, come to the rescue.

Meanwhile, the World Trigger Manga has suffered multiple runs due to the health problems that its author, the artist, is suffering from. Daisuke Ashihara.

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