Eleven years of killing, eleven years of secrets, eleven years in search of freedom. And Eren Jaeger is finally getting closer to his dream, after many difficulties and lost companions during this long journey.

As The Attack of the Giants 136 release date approaches, Volume 33 of the story will appear in Japanese comics as well. We had seen the cover of The Attack of the Giants 33 well in advance, which makes it clear that we are facing the final battle. And it is precisely this volume that promises the readers the conclusion of the manga.

As with any volume, the editors of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine have included on the last few pages a preview of volume 34 of The Attack of the Giantsthat was last declared. In the pictures you see below, you can see a very dark photo with stains of blood on which two fonts stand out.

The first reads: "The girl has a dream. That of a world without fate and curses" and clearly relates to Ymir and the scene from The Attack of the Giants 135. The second text confirms this The Attack of the Giants 34 will be the final volume and will be released in either May or June 2021, with more information below.

This means that in the chapter version it ends between March and April. Another confirmation Theories that want the attack of the giants 138 as the last chapter.

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