Luffy's fights in ONE PIECE were many. Island after island, saga after saga, he knocked out many enemies who threatened his crew, his friends or his dream. But now the time has come most important challenge that will begin in ONE PIECE 1000.

The title of ONE PIECE 1000 is "Straw Hat Luffy" and already shows who the protagonist is. Luffy himself arrives on the fifth floor of Onigashima and meets all of Kaido's subordinates who have been defeated by the mink, even if Jack is not seen. Luffy sees Shishilian and speaks to him. The latter says that's all he can do for him. Luffy replies that everything is fine and that he doesn't forget that they gave their lives to protect Raizou. While Shishilian is crying Luffy climbs onto the roof of Onigashima.

We go to the main square where we see the Queen and King trying to stop Marco. Queen stretches her neck like a robot to attack Marco. But Marco blocks both king and queen with wings and launch Zoro on the roof. It then returns to Yamato, who reveals that he found Oden's diary on the beach the day the castle was burned down. Somebody saved this book and now Yamato wants to give it to Momonosuke.

Yamato says, "You were born on Whitebeard's ship and spent time on Roger's ship, right? You said that 20 years later a new generation of powerful people would emerge in the New World. And that future is now. I once thought Ace would they drive, but when he died I understood ... "and then it goes into a review of the night Ace and Yamato drank together. Ace missed what Luffy said to him and Sabo about his dream, a phrase that made Luffy cry when he remembered Roger saying the same words from Roger to Whitebeard and Oden after the fight on the island. Ace and Sabo really believe Luffy can do it.

Yamato replies, "I won't laugh because there is a great man in Oden's diary who said exactly the same words as Luffy." Ace: A great man? Not bad. I would like to drink with him. Yamato: "Unfortunately he died." Yamato then prepares the Vivre Card for Ace, hoping that one day they can reunite. In the present, Yamato tells Momonosuke that one day Aces Vivre Card disappeared and later found out through newspapers that Ace was Roger's son and his little brother was also a pirate. Yamato then explains to Momonosuke what Oden wrote in his diary about the generation of pirates who will emerge in 20 years to defeat Kaido.

The scene changes to Luffy, who also finds Kid and Law there. And then let's see together Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law in front of Kaido and Big Mom on an epic double page. Kaido says, "Linlin, you know what he told me that he wanted to be that brat?" Big Mom replied, "I know he's naughty. He told me when he broke my lock too."

But Luffy ignores the two by going to Kinemon, still conscious, while Kaido still asks him "Hey brat, say it again in front of us! What do you want to be?". Luffy apologizes to Kinemon for being late and takes it upon himself to save Wanokuni, his friends' land. Kaido throws his bat at Luffy, who avoids him. Luffy asks Law to use his power to get everyone to safety. Luffy activates the third gear as he remembers the faces and voices of everyone he met. Then he uses a new technique, the Gom Gom Red Rock, which hits Kaido in the face. The emperor falls to the ground with his head in the flames.

Big Mom: Hey what the hell are you doing Kaido ?! How can you get knocked out like that? Luffy then answers the above question with the words: "I'm Monkey D. Luffy. The man who will surpass you ... and who will become the king of the pirates !!!". ONE PIECE 1000 ends with this page.

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