The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is very often renewed with new projects, to the detriment of those that are instead considered a "failure" in terms of readability and public appeal. In any case, some works by particularly well-known authors will begin in the coming weeks.

Shueisha's flagship magazine continues to grow, thanks largely to its digital front, which is reviving sales despite the paper magazine's continued decline. In addition, the publishing giant renews the catalog from time to time, deleting the less productive titles, thus allowing new works to begin their run.

Actually in this roundthere will be 4 new manga which will begin in the coming weeks, two of which well-known authors will review on the pages of Jump and the consequences:

  • Tenmaku cinemafrom the duo he created food wars! Shokugeni no Soma (Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki);
  • Kiruaoby Tadatoshi Fujimaki (Kuroko's basketball);
  • Dr Triby the author of the Bone Collection (Jun Kirarazaka);
  • Nue no Onmyouji by Sensei Kawae Kouta;

The manga in question starts within a week consecutively with the first date at the 19th release of Shonen Jump with the new series of the duo Food Wars! And you, on the other hand, which of these titles fascinates you? Let us know with a comment below.

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