Who knows how many of you grew up listening to the bizarre adventures of Nobita, who is with his friend and confidant Doraemon, have all colors combined. However, many do not know that the saga in question is a real phenomenon both in Japan and in Bel Paese.

After all, the adventures of the nice couple still fascinate hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world, just think of the many film projects of recent years. In addition, some background stories and anecdotes about the series appear from time to time, such as the question of Doraemon's alleged girlfriend.

Today we know that Demon Slayer's sales in 2021 had surpassed those of the jewel Fujiko F. FujioHowever, in the last few hours, confirmation has arrived that the manga currently has the impressive number of 200 million copies in circulation. It's an impressive number, a symbol of the worldwide success of the franchise, which is still growing at a dizzying pace year after year.

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