The Future State Event of the year will also be continued on the website of Batman / SupermanThis leads to a parallel story in an alternate timeline where Bruce Wayne is still playing Batman and Clark Kent is still on Earth.

Roughly two years before the events of Dark Detective, Future State: Batman / Superman reveals why the Man of Steel should never Take part in a stealth mission. In the second volume of the series, the streets of Metropolis and Gotham City were taken over by a new drug, False Face Serum, which has powerful side effects.

To better understand how this serum works, Clark flies to Gotham to team up with Bruce, but as soon as his red cloak arrives in town attracts the drones of the magistrate. Later while they were investigating drugs in a building, Superman was stabbed in the stomach with a Kryptonite blade. Apparently, the False Face Society, the group that created the drug, conducted some experiments to transfer Superman's powers to animals and then burn Batman.

Written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Stephen Segovia and Ben Oliver, Future State: Batman / Superman # 2 sees the two DC heroes in big trouble. In Future State: Dark Detective, one of Batman's most famous villains seems dead. Here you can find all the details about the first Batman / Superman series.

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