While it is true that Gohan's first transformation in Super Saiyan 2 is memorable, it is also true that the scene in which he rages against Bojack in the film is just as true. Dragon Ball Z: Menace from the evil demon has stepped into the myth so much that it is honored in this collectible figure from NC Collectibles.

This fantastic collector's item is based on one of the the most iconic scenes from the filmThis is the moment of Gohan's transformation into Super Saiyan 2, who by then has been beaten by Bojack. Encouraged by the words of his father, the young Saiyan again exceeded his limits and proved that planet earth is safe even without Goku.

The 1: 4 scale and 40 centimeter tall statue shows Gohan SSJ2 as he moves in the direction of the fearsome antagonist. Made in an impeccable way, the figure manages to convey all the anger in the soul of the boy who wears the same combat suit as his father.

The details of the statue, which are already available at the pre-order price of 370 euros excluding shipping costs, are incredibly loyal to the scene of the film: from the wounds on the face to the aura and lightning that surround it. Would you like to add this fantastic piece to your collection? Future Trunks is over $ 5,000 menacing in this Dragon Ball Z statue. Goku is massacred in this Dragon Ball Super: Broly character.

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