The latest chapter of My Hero Academia arrived on MangaPlus a few hours ago and a few moments later The series ended because of a sweeping twist in US Twitter trends. Below you can take a look at the wonderful reactions from western fans who, despite all expectations, probably did not expect such a rich chapter.

When we talked about the possible quirks Izuku Midoriya would unlock last May, we were expecting them the upcoming Creation of Nana Shimura's ability, Mentor of All Might and great friend of Gran Torino. In the final chapter, the hero finally unlocked the power in question called "Float", which enabled him to save all of the Pro Heroes next to him from certain death.

Deku now has three out of seven quirks, or the One for allused by the guy with the full cowl fighting style Blackwhip, the power of Daigoro Banjo and finally Hoverwho have favourited Levitation by Nana Shimura. 73 chapters after receiving the last peculiarity, Midoriya can finally count on a new power, which among other things perfectly contrasts the ability degeneration by Shigaraki.

What do you think about it? Have you already restored the chapter? Let us know with a comment! In case you missed it later, we remind you that Deku also learned a new attack that was shown in the battle of the previous chapter.

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