There Story of The Promised Neverland it ended in the animated version with the end of the first season. The children escaped from the Grace Field orphanage and are now at large, despite having already tasted the dangers of the outside world. They must now be able to survive between wild demons and persecutors.

However, in the second season, in the final episodes, the children were saved by two mysterious demons, Mujika and Sonju, and then they managed to reach the point marked by the pen, Refuge B06-32. The Promised Neverland 2x03 presented us the building, the specifics of the structure, but also some fearful secrets. From the help sign on the wall to the situation of the hidden channels, there is still a lot to understand, not to mention that Call that could be from William Minerva.

Will these be fixed in the next installment? To find out, we have to watch the fourth episode. And just in these minutes VVVVID made it available on its platform with Italian subtitles The promised Neverland 2x04. It will be another necessary step in understanding the direction CloverWorks is looking to give the season. Plus, with this episode we're going to be a third of the season if you count just 11 episodes in total.

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