Enako, the most visited Japanese cosplayer of all time, posted the fear on social media Amount collected in 2020in full pandemic. The 26-year-old from Nagoya said she set a new record thanks to collaborations with Yu-Gi-Oh !, Rent-A-Girlfriend and The Quintessential Quintuplets almost half a million euros.

In the tweet visible below The cosplayer claims to have brought home more than 50 million yen (Approximately โ‚ฌ 400,000) January through December 2020, a number well above the 30 million yen it earned last July responding in kind to a Twitter user insults. The girl also claimed to be under contract with a tax authority The proceeds should be net.

Enako is the most famous oriental cosplayer of all time with more than two and a half million fans on Instagram and Twitter. In the West, however, his success is replicated by models like Jessica Nigri who In 2016 he stated that he earned around 22,000 euros a month from Patreon subscribers alone. Of course, we're talking about the top of the industry as most cosplayers generally can't live without a second job.

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