The first episode of The Day I Became a God, the author's new anime by Angel beats! is Charlotte. After a pretty compelling first half, Jun Maeda's original anime completely changed the genre due to a sensational twist The final sparked the ire of many fans.

Months ago, the writer confirmed that the day I became a god would be the most moving anime of all time, a remarkably aged statement since after eight well-made episodes The story took on an unexpected twist rather than emotionally strong. The fans did not appreciate the twist and shortly after the season finale aired, Jun Maeda disappeared from social networks.

Without spoilers, we can assume that the first half of the day I became a god will be the story of Hina Sato, a girl who claims to be a goddess, and Yota Narukami, a college student who befriends her and the world discovers it will end within thirty days of its appearance. The anime is of the comedy genre and has very light tones, until the twist doesn't turn the situation around towards the end. The conclusion itself isn't terrible, but Maeda has had to pause due to the insults he received on Twitter.

It's not the first time such an episode has occurred. A while ago, the writer of Domestic Girlfriend stated that she received hundreds of personal attacks immediately after completing the manga, while the writer of The Devil is a Part-Timer had also received death threats more recently. The cast of the anime wished Jun Maeda to recover soon.

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Jun Maeda suspended his Twitter account shortly after r / anime aired the last episode of Kamisama ni Natta Hi

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