Demon Slayer: According to one director, the movie’s success is making the world of cinema more difficult

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train sets records week after week and skips numerous world-famous films from the top 10. However, this extraordinary popularity seems to bring with it a phenomenon that not all directors welcome. In fact, director Koji Fukada recently raised his concerns.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train conquered and surpassed the top 10 most watched films in Japan of all time, scaring the world with the global pandemic. Acclaimed director Fukada, however, wanted to comment on the movie's success to make one stand out Problem surrounding Japanese film culture::

"Even right now, the Demon Slayer movie is showing somewhere like it's some kind of bus or train with a preset time. This is largely thanks to the TOHO theaters that are releasing the movie on a large scale. That the movie is actually by TOHO Unlike Japan, a production company in the US cannot own a cinema chain in order not to violate an unfair competition law. For God's sake, I am not against manga adaptations, I made one myself , but the ubiquity of the genre has a very negative impact on diversity within the industry. Too much emphasis is now placed on marketability in Japan, making it difficult to make non-commercial films. "

Then the director, who among other things started a fundraising campaign to support independent cinemas, now in "Danger of extinction", he added:

"So on, Japanese cinema will go down the drain. [I cinema indipendenti] They often belong to low-income people whose motivation lies solely in their love for the cinema. It's not sustainable in the long run, which is why we need to find a funding system that will enable them to withstand a possible second and third waves of Covid-19. "

Finally, Koji Fukada said a few words about the Japanese film industry where filmmaking is like "Join a battle". He himself has suffered physical violence and numerous insults since the beginning of his career. And you, what do you think of his words, do you agree? Let us know with a comment below."

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